Comstock Community Center develops resources and provides a setting for education, recreation, social events, human services and life-long learning activities to enhance the lives of community members and build a healthier community.

A large gathering sharing a sit down meal in celebration of a retirement

Some of the services may include:

fitness classes

health clinics

massage therapy

a nutritious lunch at our Conversation Café

art classes

cards (bridge, Texas hold ’em poker)

excursions in the area



Who We Are

The Comstock Community Center started out as a teen center called “The Fish” in 1967 with the goal of giving teens something to do after school. Since 1969, when the center became a 501(c)3 non-profit, we have provided diverse services to residents of all ages in Comstock, Kalamazoo County and the surrounding communities. As the primary community resource to those living in Comstock, Galesburg, Climax-Scotts, Augusta and portions of Parchment and Richland, it is essential that we are able to be as efficient and effective as possible. 

We also offer domestic and international travel to places such as London, Ireland, Hawaii, Cuba, Branson and NYC — just to name a few.

We pride ourselves in providing affordable activities and services that enhance the lives of all citizens. We provide a broad range of services which support physical and mental health, social connection and creative expression.

The Center also offers a range of programs that help Kalamazoo County families address critical needs. In addition to programs provided in-house, we work in collaboration with a variety of local agencies as a “host” for their valuable programs. Our collaborators include: Loaves and Fishes, AARP, Senior Services as well as  AA/NA. These and other collaborations allow the Community Center to maximize its impact on the needs of local families.

We will also assist you and your family with gaining access to other community resources that support individuals and families who encounter unforeseen circumstances related to housing stability, food security and other disadvantaging circumstances.

Vision & Values

The Comstock Community Center and the Community Learning Center are organizations that are developing strategies to eliminate and reduce the effects of structural racism by:

Recognizing the racial disparities that exist in our services,

Working daily to eliminate disadvantages or disparities that may result from bias or racism,

Providing inclusive opportunities for all individuals within our community.