A child in a children's museum exploring food

The Community Learning Center (CLC) was created as a division of the Comstock Community Center to help local children and youth grow and develop to their fullest potential. Our high-quality, curriculum-based programs prepare our youngest community members for a lifetime of meaningful contributions to the local community, state, nation and internationally.

Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to understanding each child’s unique gifts and challenges. Together with parents, we help each child, from 6 weeks old through 5th grade, to develop the social, emotional and academic skills needed to experience learning as a gateway to success at school, work and in life.

Our success depends on meaningful community relationships – with parents, funders, businesses and organizations. Of significant impact is our collaborative relationship with Comstock Public Schools. Together we strive to help each child achieve his or her full potential, regardless of their circumstances.

The programs we offer are as follows:

Infant Care (6 Weeks – 12 Months)

Toddler Care (12-24 Months)

Transitional Toddler Care (24-36 Months)


Preschool (KRESA) (36 Months – 5 Yr)

Before/After School (K-5 Grade)

Summer Programs (K-5)

Enrollment forms for the Community Learning Center are on the enrollment forms tab. You can print them, fill them out and save them for your records. Email them to Brandi (clcinfo2@comstockcc.com) once completed or if you have any questions!

In an effort to keep our parents informed about the resources that are available in our community, we are including a link to Kalamazoo County Great Start Collaborative. The Great Start Collaborative assists families of children in Kalamazoo County, ages 0-8, to prepare children for a great start in Kindergarten, through public and private funding.