The Comstock Community Center has been providing recreation and health and human services to families, youth and seniors in Kalamazoo County since 1969.

The Center addresses the needs of seniors, youth and families within the eastern portion of Kalamazoo County by operating four comprehensive service programs:  1) Adult/Senior Activities  2) Volunteer Coordination, 3) Child programming for 6 wk- 12 years of age and 4) Program Coordination and Development.

In June 2010, the Center expanded its services by opening of a 12,000 square foot Community Learning Center.  The Learning Center focuses on providing services to children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.  In addition to the programs based at the Learning Center.  .  These contract services are focused on early childhood education.  We provide the Great Start Readiness Program for 32 at risk four (4) year olds with an extended before and after care option.  In addition, we provide services for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.  Most recently, we expanded our grant and scholarship program to provide up to 75% funding for families that are up to 200% above the poverty level.  This program was designed to provide more consistent service to the families and children.

The Center collaborates with many non-profit and social services agencies such as: Advocacy Services for Kids, Housing Resources Inc, Community Healing Center, Family Children Services, Catholic Charities,  Department of Human Services, Kalamazoo County Mental Health, Child Abuse & Neglect Council, Four H, Girl Scouts, Comstock Public Schools, Western Michigan University, Loaves and Fishes, Kalamazoo County Human Services, and AARP, to deliver a broad range of services including child-care, socialization opportunities, and recreation. These services and activities provide opportunities for social growth, health experiences and contribute to a more positive community.