Toddler Enrollment Packet

Please complete and turn into the CLC in person, by fax (269-492-0909) or by email (

Child's Information


Parent/Guardian Information

Billing address (check one)

Tuition & Billing Information

Bills for weekly tuition will either be handed out, or emailed to parent(s) every week. Invoice balances are due within seven (7) days of receipt, as represented on the billing statement. Bi-weekly or monthly payment arrangements can be made as requested.

Multiple child and military discounts are available. Scholarship applications are available upon request. DHS clients are responsible for the co-pay. Tuition rates are subject to change. You will be notified of any changes. Please see the Family Handbook for additional information.

A non-refundable $65 registration fee is required at time of application. This fee will not include any discount or grant that you may qualify for.

Hours of Operation & Schedule Request

The CLC operates year-round 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

Please indicate the days and times you would like your child enrolled. Schedule changes can be requested by filling out a change of billing form available at reception or contacting the Director at (269) 345-7243.

Monday Drop Off Time
Monday Pick Up Time
Tuesday Drop Off Time
Tuesday Pick Up Time
Wednesday Drop Off Time
Wednesday Pick Up Time
Thursday Drop Off Time
Thursday Pick Up Time
Friday Drop Off Time
Friday Pick Up Time

Parent/Guardian Agreement

I hereby enroll my child in the CLC's Toddler Care program and agree to pay the tuition indicated above for the schedule I have chosen for my child. I agree to read the CLC Parent Handbook in its entirety and abide by the policies, requirements and procedures stated therein. I further assert that my child is in good health and accept responsibility for my child's health.
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